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The strategy is simple… learn the sequential steps in design, making decisions at each level, and building each step as a foundation for the next. We work with the dimensions of a room from your home so that you can convert your learning into a satisfying experience immediately. The end result is a take-away action plan and direction you can refer to as you make your vision a reality.


Once you have completed the process for one space, it is easy to continue the same practice for each room of your house.


Here's what you do:


Sign up

Sign up for one of our workshops to start your design journey. You’ll spend two

full days of acquiring knowledge, hands-on exercises, and putting your own

personal style board together. We work with your space whether it’s your living

room, bedroom, dining room, or other – you choose!

Do a little homework


Bring the measurements for one room you would like to design. Include dimensions and placement of doorways and windows. Also, bring with you any catalogs, magazines, tear sheets, fabrics or photos that you find inspiring.

A professional interior designer will walk you through our proven steps during a

hands-on interactive learning experience.

Spend two days with us 


We have the fabric swatches, magazines and knowledge to help you bring it all

together. Not only is it hands-on for you, but we will be there to help you achieve

a space you love.

Design a space you love


You will leave with a style board customized for you to complete the space of

your dreams – and the knowledge to execute your design wisely.

Make it happen - at your pace - as your budget allows.


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